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Côte Noire Perfumed Natural Touch Triple Gardenias Flower Arrangement

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These beautiful life-like gardenias have been set in a gel in clear glass with a silver crest.   Infused with fine fragrance, that summer evening and as intoxicating as an exotic perfume.

Each flower is skilfully handcrafted and uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a natural touch appearance.

Enclosed with your natural touch flower is a bottle of gardenia-scented perfume, which you can spray directly onto the petals to refresh and enhance the scent.

Beautifully packaged with ribbon & crest.  

Flower Care- 

Each flower is skillfully handcrafted and uses a special, non-toxic coating to give each petal a natural touch & appearance. Lightly spray the included perfume directly onto the flower to enhance its fragrance. Spraying the petals with water once a week will keep them soft and lifelike, however, do not pour water directly into the container.

To avoid fading, keep away from sunlight.

Suitable indoor use only.

Flowers may contain dyes so please keep away from fabrics.

If you need to clean the flower, lightly wipe with a wet cloth and a mild detergent then allow to air dry.

Do not put near a naked flame.