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Côte Noire French Diffusers Pink Champagne with Silver Crest 100ml, 150ml or Refill

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This beautiful art deco-inspired perfume bottle will enhance any interior while infusing the air with a signature fragrance.  Originate from France, renowned for having the finest fragrances captured in a glass bottle. 

The Côte Noire collection takes inspiration from provincial village life, they've created a range of full-bodied fragrances combining succulent fruits & florals.

Diffuser fragrances are available in; 100ml (6 months) or 150ml (11 months) captured in a glass bottle with a metal silver crest, and lid with an opening for diffuser sticks.  90ml Refill elegantly placed in a sheer bag.   

Pink Champagne: This crisp, fruity scent is a celebration of fragrance, guaranteed to make any day a special one. Sparkling notes of strawberry, middle notes of black berry with lingering base notes of Pinot Noir grape. Our top-selling fragrance.