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Côte Noire French Flower-Room Concentrated Fragrances 15ml Gardenia, Rose, Spring Flower & More

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Guaranteed these fragrances will fulfil your room and capture your senses.  All perfumes in the range originate from France, famous for having the finest fragrances available.

All scents take inspiration from the provincial countryside, with each one striving to capture a representation of French life.

Charente Rose: A natural rose with top notes of rose petal, middle notes of rose leaf and base notes of white musk.

Eau de Vie:  features top notes of Mirabelle plum, middle notes of davana flower and base notes of patchouli.

Lily Flower: Top notes of oriental lily, middle notes of bergamot and base notes of dried clove.

Queen Of The Night: an exotic fragrance with top notes of bergamot, middle notes of tuberose and orange flower and base notes of cedarwood.

Rose Oud: Our version of this wonderful classic fragrance is set in the Summer; distinctive and elegant in its tropical floral aroma.

Rose Petal: Young and fragrant rose petals warmed by the afternoon sun. Top notes of pink rose layered with notes of peony and iris. A fresh, innocent scent tamed with lingering notes of hibiscus. 

Spring Flower: The first flowering of spring in Florence. Almond flowers & fig with fresh linen.

White Gardenia: A unique fusion of jasmine, musk rose, hibiscus & crushed green leaves.  Inspired by dappled sunlight on a white flowering garden, this aromatic fragrance will fill your room & capture your senses.