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Adorable Scandinavian Christmas Santa's - Variety of Designs & Sizes

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How adorable is our range of Scandinavian Santa’s? These Santa's will surely find a way into your hearts as much as into your home. These delightful Santa's is just the right size to make itself comfortable on top of tables and create that all-important cheerful impression with their small little presence.

Meet our adorable; Dobby, Sprout, Hermione, Hagrid, Neville, Ronald, Albus & Bernie.  

Scandinavian in design, with their white beard and their ridiculously tall hat, will make an adorable Christmas display or gift. The perfect gift to spread the Christmas cheer. 

They come in a variety of designs & sizes. Your family, friends and especially the kids will adore them. 

Bernie - The fluffy brown fur hat covers his eyes, white beard and red reindeer covering - is one Santa who despite his size will capture your heart. He stands 19cm in height (includes hat) & 7.5cm in width.

Hermoine – Designed to sit on a shelf or ledge. Topped with a red hat and made from felt with white hair pigtails. Grey apron, black & grey polyester stockings & dark grey shoes. She is 24cm in height (including hat) & 6.5cm in width.  A great partner to Sprout.

Sprout – Designed to sit on a shelf or ledge. Red felt hat, with long white hair. Sprout is dress in red, with red & white stockings. He is 25cm in height (including the hat) & 11cm in width. Sprout & Hermione make a great pair. 

Albus - Known for their tall furry hat covering half of the face, a wooden button nose that is visible and flowing white beard. Dressed in red quality fabric and given a filling to help firm its shape. He stands 25cm in height (including hat) and 9cm in width.

Neville – Wearing a red-white striped hat (wire is in the hat to remain tall). Grey outfit made from felt and red gloves. Stands 26cm in height (including hat) & 7.5cm in width.  

Ronald - If it is not the flowing white beard, then surely will be this Fair Isle patterned on his extremely tall hat that sits on top of his head. The grey coloured dress he wears and the red coloured gloves and tiny red feet is adorable. Adequate filling and will stand quite well.  He stands 31cm in height (including hat) & 16cm in width 

Dobby - Standing tall on his feet. Long white beard and dressed in red white Scandinavian pattern hat (wire is in the hat to remain tall). He is white and fluffy with red boots. Holding a present in his hands, he stands 45cm (60cm with hat extended) in height & 26cm in width. 

Hagrid – White-bearded, wearing a red hat made of felt (for his hat to remain tall is filled with wire), with white & grey fur is 51cm (60cm when his hat is extended) in height & 15cm in width. 

Materials: Polyester, Polyfill, Wood, Wire and Beads